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Select the Best Gifts at the MACC

Nov 29, 2023 01:19PM ● By Margaret Snider

Ciara Cumiskey’s medium is oil painting.  “I pride myself very much on my artwork being joyful, or calm. . . . kind of make beauty and peace and share it with other people.”  Photo taken during setup by Margaret Snider

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - Winter Art Fest 2023, the Rancho Cordova Arts annual holiday market for local art and artists, began nine years ago with 12 artists. The name at that time was the Holiday Pop-up Art Gallery, since it popped up in a temporary location for the holidays.  This year 23 artists, the largest number ever, will show and sell their artwork at the Mills Station Arts and Culture Center where the event is located for the seventh time. 

This year the event lasts for two weekends – noon to 6 p.m., Friday through Sunday, November 24-26, and December 1-3.  The second weekend will be the last chance to see this unique collection of art in one place. 

Offering their work this year are Kim Brownell, Jennifer Coulter, Ciara Cumiskey, Jenny Estrada, Emily Goldhahn, Judy Gustafson, Deborah Kelly, Debra Kreck-Harnish, Polly LaPorte, Marsha Mason, Andrea Medina, Sherry Lynn Morris, Linda Nunes, Cathy O’Donnell, Dawn Pedersen, David Peterson, Jennifer O’Neill Pickering, Judy Pinner, Fabienne Sowa-Dobkowski, Aziz Takhai, Mary Teabo, Donine Wellman, and Sid Wellman.  All the artists are members of Rancho Cordova Arts, which became in 2018 a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Membership now has reached 234.

Artist Polly LaPorte paints pets

Polly LaPorte loves painting birds, and she gets particular pleasure in doing pet portraits for her customers. Photo by Margaret Snider

“It’s been busy,” Nunes said.  “There’s such wonderful art here . . . cold wax and all kinds of painting, and David Peterson with his cars, and so many beautiful things.”

David Peterson paints cars

David Peterson, while setting up his artwork at the MACC said of his watercolors, “There are some people who like the looseness, the freedom, and I try to build in composition, all the color . . . so you can look at it for 20 years on your wall.” Photo by Margaret Snider

The art includes photography; oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting; encaustic; textile art; upcycled art; jewelry; ceramics; mixed media, and more.  Artists are present at their stations to talk to visitors and help select the best gift for everyone on their list.

Goldhahn’s work includes many repurposed things, and she has made a number of unique Christmas ornaments, including some tiny, embellished umbrellas.  “This was an idea that I had one morning in the shower, raindrops and all,” Goldhahn said.

Mason’s teacup cards are always well-received, and this year she has furniture as well. This includes a classic, mid-century nightstand, a kid’s chair from the 1920s, a small drop-leaf table that has a chess board on the top, and a “pie safe” for which she painted an original abstract on the backboard.

Debra Kreck-Harnish paints ObjectsDebra Kreck-Harnish specializes in assemblage. “Assemblage is a collection of objects that then make up another object,” she said.  “I see a face in something, or a skirt or a head, and they make their sculpture, I’m just a medium.”  Photo taken during setup by Margaret Snider

Cumiskey’s medium is oil paints. “I like to think of (my art) as a little bit of peacefulness and a little happy moment,” Cumiskey said.

The Cordova Community Council invited local artists to start meeting regularly in 2011, putting out the first ‘Call for Artists’ for the ‘Genesis’ show at Rancho Cordova City Hall in 2011. Over the years, CCC has been instrumental in promoting and nurturing Rancho Cordova Arts and expanding its capacity. 

“Come and support artists this year and make your dollars creative and locally spent,” said MACC art director and curator Cheryl Gleason.

The MACC is located at 10191 Mills Station Rd., Rancho Cordova.  For more information, please call Cheryl Gleason, (916) 273-5712, or e-mail [email protected].


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