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Nov 03, 2023 02:07PM ● By Anil Reddy Kondakrindi

The Sacramento Telangana Association (STA) hosted its annual Festival of Flowers, also known as Bathukamma, on October 21, 2023, at the Navigator Elementary School in Rancho Cordova. Photo by Rick Sloan


RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - Symbolizing the rich traditions of the Telangana community, the Sacramento Telangana Association (STA) celebrated the prestigious Bathukamma Festival, also known as the Festival of Flowers, on October 21st at the Navigator Elementary School. This festivity was a beacon of cultural pride and unity.

A distinguished gathering, including Rancho Cordova Council members Garrett Gatewood and Siri Pulipati, Citrus Heights Councilwoman Porsche Middleton, FCUSD School Board Member Chris Clark, Folsom Vice Mayor YK and Rancho Cordova Parks and Recreation Trustee Rick Sloan, graced the event. Other prominent attendees included Visit Rancho Cordova CEO Marc Sapoznik and Assemblyman Josh Hoover. Sending their heartfelt wishes, County Supervisor Pat Hume and City Manager Mich Runner, though absent due to prior commitments, were acknowledged. The unwavering support of the Rancho Cordova Police Department was also celebrated.

Women gracefully performing Kolatam dance during the Bathukamma festivities. Photo by Rick Sloan

Under the leadership of President Srinath Babu, supported by Women Committee leaders Sunith, Swapna, and Himabindu, the festival achieved remarkable success. The dedicated efforts of board members, volunteers, and the Board of Trustees – Kumbam Srinivas, Pasupulate Satish, and Legala Laxma – further elevated the event.

With the generous backing of the City of Rancho Cordova community grants, the festival witnessed an impressive turnout of around 3,000 community members. A significant number of these attendees were recent transplants from the Bay Area to Rancho Cordova.

The inaugural address by Youth Director Sonith Kumbam, a 16-year-old prodigy, was a touching highlight. Reflecting on the STA’s formation in 2014, he underscored the organization's role in introducing young individuals like himself, born and raised in the US, to the essence of Telugu culture.

Anil Reddy, STA Co-founder and local civic leader, emphasized the festival’s profound significance. “Today’s celebration is a symbol of unity, love, respect, and the strength of our cultural identity,”. Reddy further highlighted the Indian community’s impressive influential advancements in various sectors, including technology, commerce, education, and civic leadership. “We’ve shifted from mere observers to influential trailblazers. Our resonating voices are now echoing in the hallways of City Halls, School Districts, and Capitol chambers, marking our expanding influence on pivotal policies.”

Honoring the Divine Feminine: Carrying Bathukamma, a symbol of mother, atop the head as a gesture of deep reverence and veneration. Photo by Rick Sloan

In celebrating its 20th year of cityhood, Rancho Cordova has embarked on a journey of fulfilling a million dreams. The Bathukamma Festival, shining brightly in the heart of the city, exemplifies this transformation from tradition to unity. The festival, intertwined with the city’s two-decade evolution, symbolizes Rancho Cordova’s dreams and aspirations.

The Sacramento Telangana Association (STA) is also on the brink of a significant milestone as it gears up to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Organizers are already laying the groundwork for a grand-scale Bathukamma celebration in 2024, adding another feather to the city’s cultural cap.

The festival reached its zenith as attendees danced jubilantly around the Bathukammas, symbolizing hopes for a prosperous Telangana, Rancho Cordova, Sacramento County, and the state of California.

Ending on a high note with the chants of “Jai Telangana! Jai Jai Telangana!”, the event reiterated STA’s unwavering dedication to fostering community spirit and preserving cultural legacies. With young leaders like Sonith guiding the way, STA’s future is set to shine even brighter.

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