Lean Up Team Challenge

By Gavin Russo  |  2019-07-25

SACRAMENTO REGION,  CA (MPG) - Applications are now being accepted for the Lean Up Team Challenge. This FREE wellness program, now in its 11th season, is for area residents seeking to get healthier and fit.

The program, which begins September 16, 2019, is open for all to apply, but limited to 200 participants. Apply online through September 8, 2019 at www.LeanUp.net and at any Spare Time Sports Club www.SpareTimeSportsClubs.com:

The Lean Up Team Challenge is an 8-week fitness program for people who have struggled to be fit and healthy, or have strayed from what was once a healthy way of life. This is a life-changing program for those who need it most.

The program is made up of 2-person teams assigned to completing a set of team challenges which includes small group boot camps and nutritional and motivational group meetings. A dedicated certified trainer provides support and motivation. All area residents are welcome to apply and can choose a partner to team up with, or have one chosen for them.

In addition, Lean Up Team Challenge team members receive a FREE membership at their host club.  From September 16 through November 8, 2019 selected participants will enjoy unlimited access to the club and all its amenities.

So come on people -- Let's get lean!

Local participating clubs include: Gold River Sports Club, El Dorado Hills Sports Club, Broadstone Sports Club in Folsom, Rio del Oro Sports Club and Natomas Sports Club in Sacramento, and Johnson Ranch Sports Club in Roseville.


PHOENIX, AZ (MPG) - The Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation announced $3 million in donations to nonprofit organizations that specialize in nutrition education and fresh food access. Funds include Neighborhood Grants that support grassroots children’s nutrition education programs, as well as large, multi-year Impact Grants designed to help partners increase organizational capacity and scale programs.

“Each year, our network of nonprofit partners continues to grow and our work in local communities continues to deepen,” said Lyndsey Waugh, Executive Director of the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation. “As a result, children and their families have greater exposure to nutrition education and hands-on cooking and gardening programs in their schools and community centers, and urban farms are increasing access to fresh, nutritious produce in food desert communities.”

This year, Sprouts will award 118 Neighborhood Grants totaling $725,000 to nonprofit organizations across the U.S. Recipients of these grants, ranging from $2,500 to $10,000, including programs in Sprouts’ new markets in Louisiana, New Jersey, and Virginia.

To culminate the nonprofit support, Sprouts and the Foundation will host the second annual Day of Service on Saturday, November 9 when hundreds of team members will participate in 40 volunteer events from coast to coast.

“Central to Sprouts’ identity is giving back to the communities we operate in, and the Day of Service gives team members the opportunity to engage with the organizations the Foundation supports firsthand,” said Waugh.

Day of Service volunteer events with 2019 grant recipients will include Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture and Education Project (Sacramento, Calif.) – During the Day of Service activity, Sprouts team members will be on-site at an elementary school to install raised garden beds, plant and beautify the school garden. Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture and Education Project empowers youth and adults to discover and participate in a local food system that encourages healthy living, nurtures the environment and grows a sustainable community.

Created in 2015, the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation focuses on empowering individuals, especially children, to live healthier lives by supporting programs that teach nutrition education and increase access to fresh, nutritious food. In five years, the Foundation, together with Sprouts’ vendors and customers, has donated over $10 million to more than 300 nonprofit partners. Sprouts covers 100 percent of the Foundation’s operational expenses, ensuring that every dollar raised is used to support their nonprofit partner agencies. To learn more, visit sprouts.com/foundation.

Sprouts Farmers Market, Inc., one of the fastest-growing retailers in the country, has made healthy living accessible to shoppers for nearly two decades by offering affordable, fresh, natural and organic products. True to its farmers market heritage, Sprouts is known for pioneering its unique grocery model by offering a welcoming store layout featuring fresh produce at the center of the store, an expansive bulk foods section, and a vitamin department focused on overall wellness. Sprouts also offers a unique assortment of healthier products with special attributes, such as plant-based, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and grass-fed, to meet the growing and diverse needs of today’s consumer. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., Sprouts employs more than 30,000 team members and operates approximately 340 stores in 22 states from coast to coast. Visit about.sprouts.com for more information. 

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SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - Democrats around the country are pushing a radical plan to take away Americans’ health coverage and force them into a government-run insurance scheme.

They’ve even got a catchy poll-tested name for it: “Medicare for All.”

In the wake of a new report that Medicare double charged nearly half a million seniors, they might want to rethink that branding.

The reality of Democrats’ health care scheme will be more like “Medicaid for All,” complete with long wait times, rationed care and a steady stream of screw-ups from the unaccountable bureaucrats who would oversee patients’ health coverage.

Democrats need to be honest with Californians about why they want to force everyone into a government-run health plan that can’t even take care of its current beneficiaries.

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SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - The U.S. continues to experience cases and outbreaks of measles, largely due to unvaccinated or under-vaccinated segments of the population. Measles can be a serious disease. This year has seen the greatest number of measles cases reported in the U.S. since 1992, and since measles was declared eliminated in 2000. Of those diagnosed with measles, approximately 10% have required hospitalization. The majority of cases are among people who were not vaccinated. The Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine has been approved in the U.S. for nearly 50 years. It is highly effective and very safe. As a result of its use, measles was declared eliminated in the U.S. in 2000, rubella in 2004, and since 1989, mumps cases have decreased by 99%.

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA (MPG) - A Sacramento woman is currently in the hospital in a semi-comatose state after using a Pond’s-labeled skin cream tainted with methylmercury. This is the first reported case of methylmercury poisoning of this type linked to a skin cream in the United States. The woman obtained the skin cream through an informal network that imported the cream from Mexico. This type of cream is used by consumers as a skin lightener and to remove spots and wrinkles. The mercury was not added by the Pond’s manufacturer, but by a third party after purchase.

Sacramento County Public Health urges the community to immediately stop using similar skin creams imported from Mexico due to the risk of contamination with methylmercury,” said Sacramento County Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye. “Methylmercury is extremely dangerous to adults and children.” 

Sacramento County Public Health is working closely with the California Department of Public Health to test similar creams in the Sacramento-area for methylmercury. Methylmercury can enter the nervous system and can cause severe illness among household contacts, especially in pregnant and breastfeeding women and children. Signs and symptoms include the following:

Difficulty concentrating, memory loss; Nervousness, irritability, anxiety; Depression, insomnia; Headaches; Weight loss, fatigue; Tremors, numbness or tingling in hands, feet, or around the lips

Children with prolonged exposure may show these symptoms: Pink hands and feet; Skin flaking; Excessive saliva or thirst, gum disease; Irritability, poor appetite; Poor muscle tone, leg cramps; High blood pressure, and a rash.

In California, over the last nine years, there have been over 60 poisonings linked to foreign brand, unlabeled, and/or homemade skin creams that contained the less toxic form of mercury, mercurous chloride or calomel.

For those who use imported skin creams from Mexico:

Stop using them immediately; Put the cream in a closed Ziploc bag and bring to your doctor; Go to the doctor and get tested for mercury in your blood and urine; Contact CDPH at (510) 981-4354 or AskEHIB@cdph.ca.gov. For free medical advice in English or other languages, call California Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222


For more information or to view a list of skin creams that have been tested and confirmed to have mercury, visit the Department of Health Services website.


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RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - At the end of the 2018-2019 school year we provided information on the Health Education Framework that had recently been released by the California Department of Education, which included an outline of the differences between the California Healthy Youth Act, the Health Framework, and our curriculum. We also sent out a district-wide survey so we could better learn what questions and concerns our families had, surrounding sexual education.

In an effort to continue a two-way conversation on this subject, we would like to invite you to attend any one of the Health Education Parent Forums taking place at our elementary schools in the upcoming weeks.

At the Parent Forum you will learn about the current 5th grade curriculum Always Changing and Growing Up, have an opportunity to see one of the videos, Always Changing – Co-ed, that is shown to fifth graders, and share your feedback with us in a guided activity. This feedback will be used to recommend a curriculum to the Board of Education. If new curriculum is recommended, and upon Board approval, it would take effect in the 2020-21 school year. 

To preview the curriculum we are using for fifth grade sexual ed instruction, please visit the site: Always Changing and Growing Up

To view the video we will be showing at the Parent Forums, please visit this link: Always Changing – Co-ed

Our parents are our partners in education, and we invite you to reach out with any questions. Please also visit our website often for information and updates. www.fcusd.org/healthframework

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RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - VSP Global® announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire San Antonio, Texas-based Visionworks, subject to completion of regulatory approval. With a footprint of more than 700 stores in nearly 40 states, the Visionworks acquisition will be the single largest VSP network investment in the company's 65-year history.

“This transaction is highly complementary to our business and marks a significant leap forward in continuing to fulfill our vision to provide access to affordable, high-quality eye care and eyewear to more people,” said Michael Guyette, President and CEO of VSP Global. “With expanded nationwide access, we'll provide our clients and members with an option for a more substantial, consistent and sustainable retail experience, further enhanced by the professional care of VSP network doctors.”

“We are aligned with VSP's values and our shared commitment to help people see,” said Visionworks CEO, Pete Bridgman.” Grounded in our passion to deliver affordable quality eye care in a simple way, and strengthened by our new partnership with VSP, we will focus on advancing patient care and accessibility.”

“The Visionworks acquisition, once closed, will position VSP to meet expectations of our clients and to grow membership,” said Gordon Jennings, O.D., VSP Global Board Chair. “Together, we will be able to provide greater access for our members.”

The transaction will close as soon as the necessary regulatory approvals are obtained.

VSP Global is a doctor-governed company that exists to create value for members and opportunities for VSP network doctors. Our industry-leading businesses include VSP® Vision Care, the only national not-for-profit vision benefits company, which provides access to eye care for nearly 90 million members through a network of over 40,000 doctors worldwide; Marchon® Eyewear Inc., one of the world's largest designers, manufacturers and distributors of high-quality eyewear and sunwear; VSP Optics, industry leaders in ophthalmic technology and lab services, providing custom lens solutions for the vision and lifestyle needs of patients; Eyefinity®, the industry leader in practice management and electronic health record software; VSP Retail, which focuses on increasing access to eye care and eyewear through multiple channels, and VSP® Ventures, which offers care-focused, customized choices for doctors looking to transition their practice.


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