Flying By to Say Hi

Rancho Cordova, CA  |  Story by Trina L. Drotar
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Blue Angels Soar into Town.Photos by Mark Loper, provided courtesy California Capital Airshow

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Lt. Commander Adam Kerrick, Mayor Robert McGarvey, Cindy Nichol, Director of Airports for Sacramento County, Phil Serna, County Supervisor, and Advance Pilot/Narrator Lieutenant Cary Rickoff.

Photos by Mark Loper, courtesy California Capital Airshow

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) – Folks watching the skies above Rancho Cordova and Mather on the afternoon of January 22 saw the arrival of a single US Navy Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet carrying Lieutenant Commander Adam Kerrick, and Advance Pilot/Narrator Lieutenant Cary Rickoff.

The pair met California Capital Airshow organizers to inspect the site, which included a tour of the airport and Sacramento, said Angela Terry, California Capital Airshow Director of Operations. Since the crew of sixteen officers and 100 enlisted members will stay in the area for a week, the officers were also shown hotels, gyms, and restaurants.

 “We want to make sure they’ll be happy in their accommodations,” said Terry.

The US Navy Blue Angels, formed in 1946, will headline the show’s 14th annual event on October 5 and 6, the third time the blue and gold jets have performed for the show.

                “We’re excited for an October show,” said Terry, who is also excited the Blue Angels are returning and said that staff is still working on this year’s theme. Performers, events, and the theme will be released, she added, during the next nine months.

                The California Capital Airshow kicked off in 2004 and has grown annually. Last year, the airshow helped celebrate Mather’s 100th birthday and included performances by the US Air Force Thunderbirds. Static aircraft displays included the F-16C Fighting Falcon in 2018.

                “What we’re really proud about here in Sacramento is that they get to interact with the public and inspire the next generation,” said Terry about the Blue Angels, adding that the missions of the airshow and the Blue Angels align. “Talking to those pilots, seeing the jets on the ground, and interacting inspires to a different level.”

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