Cordova High Students Participate in Forestry Challenge

Sacramento Region, CA  |  By Diane Dealey Neill, Founder and Coordinator Forestry Challenge
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Cordova High School students studied timber harvest economics at Leoni Meadows Camp at the 2018 El Dorado Forestry Challenge. Left to right: Andrew Garnett, Charlie Budge, Logan Lammi, Giselle Johnston, Bret Harnden (advisor). Photo courtesy Forestry Challenge

Grizzly Flats, CA (MPG) - Four students from Cordova High School participated recently in the 2018 El Dorado Forestry Challenge, one group of a total of 103 high school students from 11 schools from the Sacramento area and central California.  The event was October 24 to 27 at Leoni Meadows Camp, near Grizzly Flats, California. 

One of the highlights for the students this year was the opportunity to assess available timber that could be harvested at Leoni Meadows and, using current information on lumber prices and logging/hauling costs, determine whether Leoni Meadows would meet its financial goals if they harvest in today’s market.  During the Challenge, teams of students also completed field training, followed by a field test, to assess their technical forestry knowledge and data collecting skills.

“This is the ultimate event for students to gain technical skills and network with professionals in the forestry industry,” said Cordova High School teacher Bret Harnden.  Charlie Budge, a sophomore at Cordova, summed it up as follows:  “It was a fun time and was educational. It was cool being able to learn about the forest, while actually in the forest.”