Sacramento Employment Trends

Sacramento Region, CA (MPG)  |  Source: Rick Reed PR
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Hard to Find, Hard to Keep as Job Market Soars

High anxiety, finding qualified applicants and retaining current workers are on the minds of Sacramento regional employers as hiring soars. In the next three months over three-quarters of top regional employers polled are in the hiring market. Among the highest number recorded since the Trends Survey began in 1992, seventy-seven percent (77%) of companies polled directly by phone say they are motivated to hire in Q2.

However, growing strength of the economy brings issues that concern regional employers including hiring qualified workers. Seven percent (7%) of those polled between February 22 and March 23, report shortages of qualified skills while others are challenged to find anyone for entry level and general labor positions.

While Sacramento regional employers tell Pacific Staffing twenty-one percent (21%) of hiring is motivated by the need for replacements within existing workforce, twenty-six percent (26%) say hiring is necessary for growth of the business. Employers are also hiring more for seasonal demands in Q2 than in past years as twenty-three percent (23%) say hiring is seasonal. Not one employer reported any plans for reductions or layoffs.

While hiring issues like retention and applicants are market challenges, in anecdotal comment HR company contacts also report a high level of frustration and anxiety in developments over potential political changes to alter or eliminate the Affordable Care Act. Complaints include recent completion of changes to the new healthcare requirements, development of compliance within the framework and education of workforce in ACA. With countless hours over several years invested in meeting ACA demands employers are not happy at not knowing what the future may bring or interested in investing more time and money in making changes.

Drivers remain a challenge to bottling, product distribution, route delivery, manufacturers and construction firms. Other shortages for skilled trades, equipment operators and estimators remain an issue in Construction. Employers are also seeking IT, especially software development and digital networking while others seek accounting/bookkeeping, general office/clerical, customer service, sales and manufacturing, warehouse and shipping workers.

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